Airport at night

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羽田空港へ 成田と どちらが良いのだろう
夜の空港はロマンなのかな とても素敵な感じでした。
クリスマス 年末 来年 いろいろ考えることがおおいけれど
自分自身に問いかけながら 進んでみたいと思います。
何か心の中に大きな種があり 何かが育つ感じ?
でっかいパワーが胸に・・・過去も現状も先も 良く考えてみます。...
未来へ 魔法使いソラ

Both Narita and will good to Haneda Airport
It was a very nice feeling Airport at night wonder if romantic.
Be considered in various ways Christmas next year, but the end of the year covered
I think you would like to proceed with questioning yourself.
Feel something grow there is a large seed in the heart something?
I consider current situation also past ... the chest before any well is a big power.
I am grateful to be indebted to you this year.
Thank you in the future.
Wizard Sora to the future