a northeast -- love --ring of the magic

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世界に繋げる魔法の輪 東北公演 「愛に会いに」 「リトル魔法使いプロジェクト

宮城県気仙沼市  子供たちも、お母さん お父さんたちも みんな 素敵です。

仮設に一時住む方も 在宅の方も、みんな頑張ってる。

もちろん 岩手県も福島県も同じ。本当に素晴らしいみなさまがおられます。




毎月のように現地へ入るけれど、なんだろう 安心するんですよね

絆というのかな 友情 家族 ご縁 というか お世話になっております。

最初に向かったのが 震災後 ・・・・いろんな思い出がある。

まだ大変な場所もあるけれど、笑顔という心 ひろげていきたいな。

良く聞くのが あの時は、炊き出しとか物資とか みんなで協力したよねって


今がある そして これからですもの  

被災してしまって、家を建てる人 集合住宅へ行く予定の人もたくさんいる。

バラバラになって寂しい気もするけれど、生活を守るのは 世界中一緒だからね

復興商店街さんもそう 街を守る 住民のみなさまの力で 未来を創造していく

実際そこで 生活している人たちがメインなんだと思う。

これだけは言えるんだけれど ソラの前では我慢せず 

たくさん驚いて 楽しんでください。そこに愛がみつけられて

互いに良い時間 共有したい

そこに立つ理由とか 決められた言葉なんて 僕には必要ないから

愛に会いに行く そして愛「逢いに」にきてくれる

みんなが協力しあい それで、良いもの 笑顔の世界

届けるだけじゃ駄目 愛を感じないとね

今回は、気仙沼 石巻  東松島 塩釜 牡鹿 福島 



毎回 完全燃焼の公演 頑張りますね。

ring of the magic tied to the world Northeast public performance "love -- meeting -- " "Little magician project"
Kesennuma-shi, Miyagi Children are also mother. Also fathers Everybody It is great.
Also direction where it lives in temporary construction temporarily He is doing his best also in all being home.
Of course The same may be said of Iwate Prefecture and Fukushima Prefecture.
Really wonderful you are.
The direction from which it moves outside the prefecture is also important.
Because people and everybody of a town who are not meeting you are still more.
Saurat also does his best.
It will be what although it goes into a spot like every month. He feels easy.
Is it called bonds? Friendship Family Edge Does it say? I have been indebted.
Having gone first After an earthquake disaster .... There are various recollections.
The heart of a smiling face although there is also a still serious place I would like to extend.
Hearing it well At that time, they are distribution of cooked rice and goods. It cooperated all together.
Although it helped each other and there were various problems, of course,
there is now and -- What [ has room for improvement ]
Those who suffer a great deal of damage and build a house There are also many people who are going to go to collective housing.
A life is protected, although it becomes scattering and lonely mind is also carried out. Because it is together among the world
The revival shopping center also meets. A town is protected. By the power of you, residents The future is created.
It is actually there. I think that people who are living are main.
Although only this can be said It does not bear in front of Saurat.
He is surprised in large numbers. Please enjoy yourself.
Love is found there.
It is good time mutually. I would like to share.
Reason for standing there Decided language Because it is unnecessary to me
it goes to meet love and love -- "meeting" -- it comes
Everybody cooperates and suits. Then, good thing The world of a smiling face
Useless only by sending You have to feel love.
This time, it is Kesennuma. Ishinomaki Higashimatsushima Brine pan Oshika Fukushima
In the place in a spot, and everybody I get to introduce, or helps and does, it is gratitude.
It is full of a feeling.
Each time Public performance of perfect combustion Does he do his best?