Shinjuku NINJA tour plan

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Shinjuku NINJA Tour Course Plan Guided by Real Ninja

Kaichyu Inari Shrine Visit
Oda Nobunaga died in 1582 due to a change in Honnoji.
Ieyasu Tokugawa was enjoying the sights of Osaka at that time.
Ieyasu Tokugawa, who had an alliance with Nobunaga, quickly returned to Okazaki Castle, thinking that his life would also be targeted.
The route Ieyasu took to return to Okazaki Castle first passed through the mountains of Iga, arrived in Ise Bay, crossed the sea from Ise Bay, arrived in Mikawa, and escaped safely.
This event is called God Iga crossing.
At this time, it was the Iga ninja group who led Hattori Hanzo who escorted Ieyasu from the bandits who aimed at the neck of Ieyasu while guiding along the steep mountains of Iga.
Since then, Hattori Hanzo and the Iga ninja group have been heavily used by Tokugawa Ieyasu, who has been entrusted with the protection of Edo even after Ieyasu opened the Edo Shogunate.
Iga ninja was originally good at the knowledge about the explosives on the experience of many intelligence activities.
In the peaceful Edo period, the intelligence activities of Iga ninjas decreased as a task.
Therefore, many of Iga ninjas were brought to possession by the artillery team by making use of the knowledge of the explosives.
At that time, it was organized by the Iga Kachi gunnery hundred people group.
And it is the name of the Hyakunin town enshrining of the Kaichyu Inari Shrine that was given their mansion.
Hyakunin means one hundred people.
The origin of this shrine, named Kaichyu Inari Shrine, is from the following anecdote.

One night of one of the Iga gunners who was troubled without raising the skill of the gun one night, after being asleep, God gave him the knack of guns in a dream.
The next morning he visited a shrine and then he was trained to shoot guns as the god said in a dream and it was a hundred hundred brilliant.
He told the story to a group of hundred people and they all went to the shrine.
Then everyone became the skill of hundred out of hundred.
Then Iga ninjas came to believe in this shrine thickly.
Then we came to call this shrine Kaichyu Inari Shrine.
Kaichyu means that everyone can be hit.

In this Shinjuku NINJA Tour, you must first pray for the safety of this tour after you learn about the Japanese ceremonies by visiting the Kaichyu Inari Shrine that is deeply related to Iga Ninja.

Of course you can visit if you can not worship for religious reasons.

In that case, please prepare 5 yen coin as a separate payment from the travel fee.

Ninja Trick HOUSE
There is a spot where you can experience the shuriken in that world famous entertainment district Kabukicho as a night castle.
That's a Ninja Trick HOUSE.

This Ninja Trick HOUSE using one floor of a multipurpose building consists of two rooms.
One of the rooms is a trick house with various mechanisms.
The other room is a shuriken dojo where you can experience a shuriken and a manikin cutting with a wooden sword.

If you finished the worship at the Kaichyu Inari Shrine, you might be able to hit the shuriken brilliantly.

Hibari Ninja Dojo
The last is Iga OMI-HATTORI style Ninjutsu orthodox leader Hibari directs you to Ninjutsu directly.

First of all, I will show you what happens If I do the shurikenage that you have experienced now.
I will show in front of you the great technique of the shuriken throwing that only I can do in the world, so please take a close look.

Then I will teach you the special fighting techniques of Ninjutsu that can be taught only because Hibari inherits real Ninjutsu.

I also have martial arts instruction experience of ninja movie.

I will chore to you the action that I used the fighting technique.
Shoot it on your smartphone or mobile phone and shoot a scene of a ninja action movie.

It will be a good memory of the trip.

The plan up to here is travel time about 3 hours rate 10,000 yen per person.
Consumption tax.
but 3 years old or younger is free.

Extra edition

Optional tour course

Rental ninja costume
Separate payment 2,000 yen
consumption tax

There is a costume shop that rents ninja costumes to Harajuku given the residence of Koka Ninja.

Transform into a ninja in the costume shop and try to participate in the Shinjuku NINJA Tour with a ninja figure.

Of course I will take to the costumer.

After changing into ninja costumes, I will take you to Kaichyu Inari Shrine from there.

Only the applicants of this option will be Harajuku Station Takeshita Street Exit wicket station meeting.

If you do not use this option, you will be able to take part in your plain clothes, but please join in easy-to-wear clothes.

Guide to ninja bar KAMARI.
For customers who want to have dinner after the regular Shinjuku NINJA Tour and want to enjoy the night Shinjuku still want to hear more about the story of my ninjaI will bring you the ninja bar at Shinjuku 2-chome where Hibari will be the store manager too.

Shinjuku 2-chome is a rare area in the world where L.G.B.T. stores, such as a New-half like myself, are concentrated, ie sexual minority shops.

I think that it is the best for souvenir talk in Japan, so let's close the night with this special atmosphere at Shinjuku 2-chome.

KAMARI can also offer reasonably priced meals centered on Japanese food.

You may also taste ninja food.

Separate payment
no charge
drinks free one cup 1,000 yen
from meal one plate 500 yen


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ヽ中稲荷神社 参拝







雑居ビルのワンフロアを使ったこの忍者からくり屋敷は、2部屋から構成されており、1部屋は、いろんな仕掛けが潜んでいる からくり屋敷。
もう1部屋は、手裏剣打ちや、人体模型を木刀で斬りつける体験の出来る 手裏剣道場になっています。







所要時間 約3時間
料金 ¥10,000-/人(+税)





忍者BAR 「香まり」ご案内




別途 ドリンク代 一律一杯¥1,000-
お食事 一皿¥500〜

twitter @sexual_mix

Shinjuku NINJA Tour

Shinjuku NINJA Tour
Navigating with a Real NINJA Tour.

Tour navigator Iga Omi Hattori style Ninjutsu Orthodox Successor Hibari.

When you heard it as Iga NINJA, is not the name that you think the first time is Hattori Hanzo?

Hanzomon famous as the gate of the present Imperial
Parace is still famous because it is derived from the fact that the Iga NINJA led by Hattori Hanzo was delegatd when the Imperial Palace was Edo Castel.

However, it seems that many people do not know it
unexpectedly that Hanzo is the second generation Hattori Hanzo.

Hattori Hanzo is actually the name of the hereditary system Hattori Hanzo is the name that lasted 12 generations.

Hattori Hanzo which is the source of Hanzomon's name is famous for Hattori Hanzo Masanari and a good spearman and he is not a NINJA but a SAMURAI.

Since he was born, he was a keeper of the Tokugawa family = Matsudaira family so he was born in Mikawa Tokugawa Ieyasu Therefore he is not born in Iga.

As a SAMURAI he played the role of the command tower to bring Iga NINJA together.

Hanzo Hattori that follows it is also the same role.

However, the first generation Hattori Hanzo, the father of Hattori Masanari, is named Hattori Hanzo Yasunaga
He is from a genuine Iga and was told that he had knowledge of Ninjutsu.

In addition, the Hattori family before Hattori Hanzo Yasunaga had systematically informed the Hattori family's Ninjutsu that the Hattori family was home based in Iga.

Back from the first generation Hattori Hanzo
There was a person named Kiyonobu Hattori before nine generations.

He is my ancestor.

Mr. Hattori of Iga is drawing up the trend of Heike.

The period of Hattori Kiyonobu will be in the Kamakura period.
When the grandfather of Kiyonobu Hattori who had a remnant of Genpei Battle, Mr. Hattori changed Mr. Chigachi and began to live in Iga by devising to escape from the remaining party hunting of Heike it was.

The kind of Mr. Hattori that there was Mr. Hattori who also has another flow of Mr. Nakatomi, which was a family master of the Kumano Shugendou.

Although Kiyonobu Hattori originally was eldest son, Mr. Hattori was camouflaged the eyes of remnant hunting of Heike by receiving Mr.Hattori who adopted the flow of Mr. Fujiwara.
Yasutoshi Fujiwara became the eldest son by Yasutoshi Hattori by adoption.

Mr. Hattori who gained the flow of Kumano Shugendou since Yasutoshi Hattori is called KAMI-HATTORI and Mr. Hattori who gained the flow of Hattori Hanzo is called NAKA-HATTORI.

My ancestor's Hattori Kiyonobu was forced to take the position of the legitimate by accepting Yasutoshi Hattori as an adopted child.

Jast around the same time Kamakura Shogunate who likes Hojo who also keeps the flow of the Heike in charge of general's assistant, Kiyonobu Hattori mentioned the name Fujiwara ASON.

And he was appointed the post of JITOH of the land of Shinano , namely the present Nagano prefecture.

Usually, if the distance between the country of Iga and the country of Shinano is far away, in fact the principal does not actually go to that place in the position of a substitute human being.

However, Kiyonobu Hattori who became the second son moved to the land named Omi of Shinano with the family because it did not have to stop in the country of Iga.

Especially the Hattori clan is called the OMI-HATTORI.

OMI-HATTORI clan was established in the land from Iga in Mie prefecture to Omi in Nagano prefecture from the Kamakura period until the Sengoku period.

However, during the Warring States period most areas in Shinano's country was destroyed by Takeda Shingen.

The Omi area is not exception.

Omi castle owner's Omi Hattori clan also was destroyed by Takeda Shingen.

So why now I, that is, Hibari exist?

Actually my blood line is more complicated.

My surname is Mr. Miyashita not Hattori.

Maybe some people noticed Miyashita heard it.

I will draw on the flow of Mr. Miyashita's family who holds the Miyashita dictionary which describes the ancient history of Japan.

Mr. Miyashita has appointed Mr. Miyashita since he received a son-in-law from Oyamamorinomikoto, the son of Emperor Ohjin.

Mr. Miyashita originally mentioned Mr. Fukuchi.

A descendant of Susanoo-no-mikoto was a man named Owaritahiko-no-mikoto.

Owaritahiko-no-mikoto, his son is Takemikazuch-no-mikoto.

Mr. Fukuchi is the descendant of Takemikazuch-no-mikoto.

Oyamamori-no-mikoto visited Mr. Miyashita based at the base of Mt. Fuji.

Oyamamori-no-mikoto has visited Mr. Miyashita in order to learn academics from a person named Jofuku who came from China.

At that time he brought Mr. Oh clan to learn Kanji.

Mr. Oh clan is a family of Oh-no-yasumaro who worked on compilation of history dictionary named Kojiki.

Mr. Oh clan set up a mansion in the country of Kouzuke, namely the president Gunma prefecture where is located in the northern foot of Mt. Fuji after learning Kanji for Jofuku.

Currently Gunma prefecture Tano Town is a name derived from the fact that Mr. Oh clan moved from Mt. Fuji.

Originally ''Ta'' of Tano Town means ''Oh'' of Mr. Oh clan.

A part of the Miyashita clan also moved there together.

Mr. Miyashita of Tano Town, Gunma prefecture gave his a daughter to Mr. Suwa clan of Shinano.

Mr. Miyashita's ancestor is Takemikazuch-no-mikoto,and Mr. Suwa's ancestor is Takeminakata-no-mikoto.

Takemikazuch-no-mikoto and Takeminakata-no-mikoto were hostile in ancient times.

Mr. Suwa clan is descendant of Mr. Oh clan.

The ancient hostile relationship disappeared by Mr. Suwa and Mr. Miyashita becoming related relatives.

And a part of the Miyashita family also moved to Suwa in Nagano prefecture.

Suwa is famous for having Suwa Taisha Shrine.

Suwa Taisha Shrine was protected by the cooperation between Mr. Suwa clan and Mr. Miyashita clan.

And the times have passed and the late Heian period.

Minamoto-no-Shinra Saburou Yoshimitsu tried to pass through the foot of Mt. Fuji afterwards to reinforce Minamoto-no-Hachiman Taro Yoshiie of his brother for the Tohoku conquest.

The corps got lost in the depths of the mountains of Kai country so much.

At that time the lumberjack who pulled a black horse appeared from there and bought out a route guide.

There is an anecdote that the lumberjack and the black horse disappeared at any time after finishing the route guidance.

The lumberjack is actually the Miyashita clan.

Then, Minamoto-no-Shinra Saburou Yoshimitsu, who won the Tohoku conquest, came to the Omuro Sengen Shrine in the foot of Mt. Fuji.

At that time, he got a daughter from Mr. Miyashita who was working as a priest of that shrine.

It is Mr. Kagami namely Mr. Ogasawara who is based on Koma Town of Kai country, which is the current state of Yamanashi prefecture, which holds the flow.

Mr. Ogasawara became the guardian of the country of Shinano during the Kamakura period.
The work is the current police.
And he transferred the ground to Shinano-no-kuni Igara.

This land is the place where Hattori Iga-no-kami Kiyonobu stopped on the way to Omi.

This land was named Igara because it was made of a soil with better nutrition than Iga which is similar to Iga.

''ra'' of Igara means good.

Mr. Ogasawara who took root in the land decided to manage most of Shinano-no-kuni's Shrine with Ogasawara family.

A part of the Ogasawara clan who became the administrator of the shrine was returned to the name of Mr. Miyashita in order to respond to the spiritual soul of Fuji Omuro Sengen Shrine and Suwa Taisha Shrine.

One of the shrines is Omi Shinmeigu, which is located in Shinano-no-kuni.

My real name for Hibari is Miyashita.

My ancestors are Mr. Miyashita clan working of the priest of this Omi Shinmeigu.

The story returns to story of Mr. Omi Hattori who moved from Iga country to Shinano country during Kamakura period.

Mr. Omi Hattori who has been seated in Omi of Shinano country until the Warring States period will be destroyed by Takeda Shingen.

The younger brother of Hattori Saemon-no-jou Kiyonobu who was the last Omi castle lord is called Hattori Kashinsai.

This Hattori Saemon-no-jou Kiyonobu who is Hattori Iga-no-kami Kiyonobu's progeny is another person with Hattori Iga-no-kami Kiyonobu.

The Hattori Kashinsai is resigned SAMURAI's work by his brother in front of Takeda Shingen's march.

The Hattori Kashinsai has been adopted by the Miyashita family who is in Omi Shinmeigu.

As a result, Hattori, who has escaped the war, and Hattori Kashinsai's blood lines, and the skills of the Ninjutsu of Hattori from Iga, and the old character culture transmitted to Mr. Miyashita, and the martial arts of Minamoto-no-Shinra Saburou Yoshimitsu have been fused and transmitted today.

It is Iga OMI-HATTORI style Ninjutsu and its legitimate inheritor is mine.

However, unfortunately Iga OMI-HATTORI style Ninjutsu, which has been nurtured in this long history, is about to end because I am sexuality called MTF.

I want you to touch the real Ninjutsu to as many people as possible to escape it.

And it is this Shinjuku NINJA TOUR that I thought that it would be good if it became an opportunity for the succession of techniques.

Please enjoy the real Japanese culture until everyone is happy.

Iga OMI-HATTORI style Ninjutsu legitimate succession person Hibari.


From: 妃羽理 <>
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2018 05:25:04 +09:00
Subject: 新宿忍者ツアー


伊賀麻績服部流(いがおみはっとりりゅう)忍術 正統継承者 妃羽理(ひばり)

半蔵門の半蔵は、服部半蔵正成 (まさなり)といい、槍の名手として有名で、忍者ではなく、武士です。
その1代目服部半蔵(半三)から、遡ること9代前に、服部伊賀守清信(いがのかみ きよのぶ)という方がいました。
服部伊賀守清信 の時代は鎌倉時代になりますが、まだ、源平合戦の名残があった清信の祖父の家長(いえなが)の頃、服部氏は、千賀地(ちがち)という名前に変えて、平家の残党刈りから逃れる工夫をして、伊賀に入りました。














その最後の麻績城城主だった服部左衛門尉清信(さえもんのじょう きよのぶ※2代目清信)の弟、服部加信斉(かしんさい)は、武田信玄の進軍を前に、出家して、麻績神明宮の神官として、宮下家に養子に入りました。





伊賀麻績服部流忍術 正統継承者 妃羽理


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